Log9 Materials was founded in 2015 at IIT Roorkee by Akshay Singhal, Kartik Hajela and Pankaj Sharma. Akshay and Kartik studied at IIT Roorkee graduating from Materials Engineering and Chemical Engineering respectively. Following which Akshay also did his PhD in Nanotechnology from IIT Roorkee and Kartik had worked briefly at ITC. Pankaj is a seasoned deep tech entrepreneur in Nanotechnology and has founded two startups previously into Bio-Computational Drug Discovery and nanomaterial interventions for Brain Cancer Surgery.


Log9 Materials is using its core competence in Graphene nanotechnology to develop advanced energy storage technologies from electrode materials, cell to pack level. Our Rapid Charging Battery packs solve the challenges in adoption for the 2W and 3W electric vehicle platforms while our Aluminum Fuel Cell technology is targeted towards the electrification of long haul, heavier vehicles.

Electrification of vehicles specially for commercial use ranging from 2W, 3W to LCVs to HCVs will not only have a significant positive impact on the environment, but it will lead to huge cost savings as well. However, different vehicle platforms have unique requirements and hence there cannot be a one-type fit all battery technology.

Intra City 2 Wheelers and 3 Wheelers segment is witnessing the largest EV adoption in India currently, however, the potential is much larger. Quick charging and higher battery life can significantly increase the growth of EV adoption. As you might be aware that unlike large vehicles, quick charging in 2W is limited by battery capacity rather than the grid. A normal 15-20 A plug point in our houses is sufficient to charge a 2W in less than 15 minutes however current available EV 2Ws in the market require at least 1.5 hours (only ather) and generally 3-5 hours for a full charge.

Log9 has been able to develop a 2W and 3W battery pack utilizing our Supercapacitor expertise which could be charged in 10-15 minutes and offers a battery life of more than 15 years. We have already started commercial pilots with leading last mile players like Shadowfax, Amazon, Delhivery, Vogo, etc and have already received LOI's for more than 11,000 2W batteries and 12,000 3W batteries for the commercial phase starting in Oct '21.

Long Haul LCVs and HCVs including buses are extremely difficult to be electrified using the conventional Li-Ion batteries. For the kind of range required, the total weight of the battery required will take away the entire load bearing capacity of the vehicle. Hence, Log9 has developed the Aluminum Fuel Cell technology which provides the benefits of the high energy density of fuel cells along with a solid, stable and recyclable fuel. The technology is due to be demonstrated next year first as a stationary power generation system followed by vehicular integration with leading EV OEMs in India.

Making an impact through research, innovation, and hardwork.


At Log9 we are a team of fearless forword thinking entrepreneurs, scientists, marketing gurus and logistic champions who are building the future today. We truly believe that a deep tech venture such as Log9 is the answer to India's dream of self reliance. And we are leaving no stone unturned in bringing Indian Innovation to the global stage.

We are always open to bringing in like minded people who wish to make an impact in this world. So, if you want to be part of an amazing journey with Team Log9 and have the qualities we are looking for, just ping us.

Log 9 Materials



December, 2015

Log9 Materials gets incubated at IIT Roorkee.


December, 2015

Got affiliated with CenSe, IISC Bangalore

Graphene Scale-up and Material IP

November, 2016

Developed Graphene scaleup processes resulting in process and material IP

Seed Funding

March, 2017

Raised Seed Investment from GEMS Micro-VC Fund

New HQ and R&D Center

April, 2017

Shifted workplace to the heart of startups, Bengaluru

Raised Funding

February, 2018

Raised Pre-Series A Investment

Develops India's 1st Al-Air Fuel cell

November, 2018

Develops Aluminium-Air Fuel Cell

Series A fund raised

September, 2019

Sequoia Surge and Exfinity Venture invest in Log9

Inaugurates new office at Jakkuru

January, 2020

Established integrated R&D and Business Center

Launched CoronaOver UV Devices

April, 2020

Develops and Deploys over 3000 UV Disinfection devices in response to COVID-19 Pandemic. Awarded by Marico foundation and ACT Grant

Develops Rapid Charge Technology for EV

December, 2020

Develops and initiates Pilot trials for 2 Wheeler Rapid charge technology

Develops RapidX6000 battery for 3Wheeler

May, 2021

Launch of India's first fully integrated battery technology with Omega Seiki 3Wheeler platform for Rapid charge

Raises $10M in Series A+

August, 2021

Concluded Series A+ funding led by Amara Raja - India's leading battery manufacturer

Launched India's fastest charging electric 3W

September, 2021

Commercial launch of Rage+ RapidEV in partnership with OSM.

Partners with Hero Electric

December, 2021

Develops RaidX2000 India's fastest charging 2W battery

Establishes Delhi office

January, 2022

Log9 Delhi office established with focus on business partnership and deployment of EV's InstaCharged by Log9